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    Feb 24, 2016
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    After contacting our city hall and dept of health to determine the laws regarding keeping backyard chickens in our city, we were told to that their policy was to have anyone who wishes to have chickens is required to get their neighbors to approve by signing a simple letter of intent. That there are nuisance laws that allow actions to be taken before a nuisance exists, the main complaints they get is about loose chickens and odors.

    As long as there is enough room to put up a coop and not anger the neighbors it would be allowed,

    Our chickens would be contained in their coop and run, which would be located in a fenced in yard (6ft stockade like fence).

    I'm just nervous because another neighbor had a really difficult time with a couple of neighbors when he was building a garage in his backyard last year.

    Did anyone else have to ask "permission" from their neighbors?? (this really pisses me off).
    Does anyone have a sample letter of intent they would be willing to share?

    I'm not very eloquent with my words so any help would be appreciated,.
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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us.

    I also disagree with needing "permission" to use my own property as I see fit... However in subdivisions where houses are built on postage stamp sized lots and your view looking out the window is into your neighbors home, I can see where certain things could affect "neighborly relations". I would also suggest that if you live in a PUD with an HOA that you very carefully read the HOA rules and regs to make sure they don't ban/prohibit livestock etc or that there's nothing in there that could cause legal/monetary issues down the road. As an aside, I hate/despise HOAs as well, but again understand the "need" for them... I just will never buy/live where one exists.

    I would suggest that you write the letter of intent something along the lines of simply stating that:

    Per city/county regulations and discussion with representatives at City Hall and the Dept of Health you are informing all adjacent neighbors of your intentions:

    1. Our family, your neighbor, intend to keep chickens in our fenced/enclosed back yard @ such and such an address in the county of & city of for the purpose of providing more nutritious & healthy eggs and poultry products for family food consumption.
    2. Our family will be building an attractive/quality coop & run sufficiently distant from all property lines that no debris would affect any neighbors property, and if visible, not be an eyesore.
    3. Our family will be properly dealing with any/all chicken waste products in a manner to eliminate/avoid any noxious odors/debris affecting neighboring property owners.
    4. Our family will be keeping all chickens enclosed within the coop until a reasonable hour daily and over night to prevent possible noise issues that might upset neighbors.
    5. Our family will be making every effort to prevent or make it difficult to impossible for any chickens to "escape" or leave the property to enter neighboring properties.
    6. Our family will remain open to future discussion with you regarding any issue the chickens are causing that may interfere with your enjoyment of your property and associated rights.
    7. Neighbor/your signature(s) below indicate that they/you have been notified of my/our intention to own/house chickens on a neighboring property.

    Signature _________________________________ Date _______________

    Neighbor 1 Address ________________________________ Name__________________ (printed)

    Signature ____________________________ Date _______________

    Neighbor 2 Address ________________________________ Name__________________ (printed)

    Signature _____________________________Date _______________

    Best I can do on short notice and without deep thought. Good Luck!
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    Woburn, Massachusetts
    Thank You!! That was perfect!
    Letters typed up and delivered. I also included a pamphlet that I printed up with information on backyard chickens.
    Plus it only had to go to our abutters. 2 of which are fine (1 who is quite excited about it).

    Can't wait to get started!
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