Need to help to sell my ducks in NC.


Apr 14, 2022
So I let my ducks brood and didn't have much luck with their first round. So we thought we would incubate... well needless to say we went from 4 to 30 ducks. I have Ancona's. I will keep some as. I need the ratios to work out however I will have some ro sell and need to know the best way to do so and where to post locally.. any help or suggestions would be apView attachment 3151036View attachment 3151036preciated. Have included a few photos . Our welah harlequins we are keeping.View attachment 3151035View attachment 3151037View attachment 3151033
Do you mind if I ask where you are located?

A general location would be fine.

Edit: I realize NC is general, but maybe which area in NC? I have lots of friends and acquaintances in NC.

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