Need to rehome 9 ducks/ducklings in West Chester PA area


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
West Chester, PA, USA
We need to find new, good homes for part of our flock. We are going to start showing and breeding Call ducks, and those plus the ducks we have now will put us considerably over the limit our township allows on property our size. I posted this on our local Craig's List about three weeks ago and got quite a few responses, but unfortunately none I felt comfortable about. The last guy who called (tonight) was excited because he loves duck...for dinner. I had specifically put in my ad that these are backyard or farm ducks, not meat ducks. I even went so far as to look into buying part of the lots of the neighbors on each side of us, but their lots are already at the minimum size allowed in this subdivision

Anyway, the ones we need to rehome are:

Two Ancona drakes hatched April 7th. Anconas are on the critically endangered list.
Three Buff Orpington hens about a year old and great egg layers. Our current ducklings are from these. Buffs are on the threatened list.
Four Buff ducklings, three female, one male, hatched August 20th.

They don't all have to go to the same home, they just all have to go to a good home. I can't ship them, but I could deliver them if you live within around 20 miles, or meet you half way if you're somewhat farther away than that.

Please let me know if you'd like pictures of any of them or if you have any questions.

Thanks so much.
Well, I live in mid ohio or I would love them. We too have just gotten our call ducks this weekened. My grandparents have a pond with ducks.
I hope somebody decided to take these ducks and breed them, they are very rare.

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