Need to rehome my royal palms


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Aug 31, 2011
I have 2 royal palms I have a tom and not sure what the other is! I need to find a home for them! I don't have the time to take care of them, I want them to go where they will be pets they are so sweet and friendly! they love to follow us around and will sit on your arm. if interested let me know thank you
I will take them! I live in East Texas, will you deliver?
They will be easy to get rid of but we do need to know at least what state you live. Craigslist can also sell them quickly.
Hi Sharon I think they are 9 weeks or so! I know one is a Tom and the other not so sure! They are sooo sweet!Ithink we are going to try to keep them! I will let you know though!
I PM'd you, and I do think you'll feel bad if you're going to re-home them. As far as the blackhead, in our area, there hasn't been a problem with that. A breeder here from Ohio told me to raise my turkey poults (chicks) with regular chicks, and that's what I did. I've had no problems.

I just love mine!

So glad you want to keep them! Share some pics when you're able!
I'm going to rehome mine this the freezer. Feed goes up, literally, a dollar a bag each month here. They were fun to grow, fun to watch, but at a bag a week, just too expensive to justify. $19 bucks now for the 22% turkey pellets that were $14 then $15 earlier this year.
Feed is so expensive, I have been feeding my turkeys cottage cheese I make from goat milk. At least we have plenty of kudzu and other browse for the goats, and the cheese is high protein. I figured I would be feeding a pig excess milk if we had a pig, why not feed the turkeys the excess? Ends up being a lot cheaper than just straight turkey pellets.

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