Need to rehome several drakes in Las Vegas

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Hello all! After recently finding out that all 6 of my babies from the feed store are drakes, I am going to have to rehome several of them. I now have 6 drakes and 2 ducks....I am going to rehome three for sure and possibly 5 if I can talk myself into it. I will not give up my Pekin cause he is just my favorite and I am kind of attached to my 2 silver apple yards too but keeping three may not work either. So for now, I am looking to rehome 2 black/blue swedish and one white crested. I do NOT want to advertise on craigslist because I am afraid of them ending up as meat but I have tried several FB groups and such and am getting nowhere. Anyway...if anyone is interested, let me know. Or if you know of anyone. I really love these drakes so I want them taken care of. They are 3 months old and healthy. I have family in Southern UT so I am willing to travel there with them too if someone from Cedar City or St George wants them. Thanks all!

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    Try both state threads at “where am I where are you”.
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