Need to understand what I'm doing wrong


7 Years
May 30, 2012
I put 18 eggs in the incubator , day 6 candled removed 5, Day 14 candled removed 2. Take eggs from turner on day 18. (Do not open till day 23) Day 20 one hatch, Day 21 one hatch two start cracking shell but don't make it out. Day 24 no more action. I check each egg ..7 have dead chicks in them. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Do I have the Humidity to high or to low. This has happened to me before. They seam to not be able to get out of the shell once they crack thru. Help. Any suggestions. Thank you.
Did you have shipped eggs? What was the temp and humidity set at from days 1-18? What about days 18-23? Sometimes hatches are like that. Sorry to hear, it's always a heartbreaker when the majority don't make it, but don't be discouraged. Incubating is a learning process, and it's hard to get things just right. Keep trying, eventually you'll get the hang of things. Congrats on the two, though!

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