Need turkey feather breakage help


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May 17, 2011
I have a student who attends my church who is a poultry lover. He has been raising his own birds since he was six.he is now just barely 13. When we were talking he other day about the other turkeys that were at the local county livestock show a couple of months back he commented about how he did not know how the other contestants kept thief birds from breaking of there tail feathers.

I have tried to poke around on the net and have found nohig but I am new to poultry. So I am not any help. Any suggestions? It seems he problem has been with raising both single and multiple birds. Any suggestions?
So you think that the other birds are getting to his feather. Hmm.... that would make sense. I will let him know.

Does this mean that you would only put them together with other turkeys or any other poultry? And would that mean you would put them together for a short time for breeding?

thanks in advance for your help!
The show birds are housed by themselfs and if they are used for breeding, they can be housed with some hens but no other males in sight. They will fight through the pen and loose their breast feathers.

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