need wild pheasant recipe

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    A friend gave us several wild pheasant. I have never prepared them. Almost every recipe I find calls for Cream of Mushroom soup which DH detests. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Seeing they are just like chicken, treat them as such. I have made it many different ways. Bear in mind this is a wild bird not a captive grain fed one,while grain and corn may be part of its natural diet but not its regular diet. That being said the flavor will be different. I have slow -smoked them, fried them cut up like a frying chicken. Salt based pre-seasoning is a key component because wild birds do not have the fat content that penned birds have. As the seasoning will help keeping it moist. Another way I tried at a game feed I help run was to marinate the quarters in Teriyaki and garlic and then grilled them which came out awesome. Grilling with just seasoning and BBQ sauce at the end as a top dress is a good way too,you can par cook them in the oven if you chose and then finish on the grill. Pheasant cacciatore slow in cooked in a crock pot and served over pasta s a good stick to your ribs food with meat that falls off the bone, The possibilities are endless like chicken, as both birds are versatile. Good luck and happy eating.[​IMG]

    Another way I forgot to write was to get a marinade injector and inject with your favorite sauce. Then bake,fry or grill. I even do standard chicken this way. I just hate plain bland food.
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