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I am wondering if anyone out there knows a good way of sexing a bantam chick. We looked online but they say the ways that work for standard chicks won't work for bantams. Any suggestions or do I just have to wait til they are bigger? Thanks in advance!!
Honestly, unless you're a professional you're not going to have much of a chance of accurately sexing chicks, even standard. What you're reading online is probably just saying that it is more difficult even for professionals to sex bantams. People study for years to become proficient at sexing chicks. The only way a lay person can really expect to be able to sex a chick is if they are looking at sex-linked chicks, which are bred specifically to be gender-identifiable at hatch. Wait a little while and come back and post some pics, hopefully then we'll be able to help!

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I can't imagine it's any more or less difficult to sex little chickens over big chickens. I don't have but a couple smaller sized birds and they seemed to develop similarly to the big ones. Certain breeds are more difficult to sex than others but I don't think it's size related. Post some pics and you'll get all kinds of answers. We love guessing games.
vent sexing day old ...just harder with bantam....because everything is smaller....can be done if you have good eyes.

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