Needed: Tips on finding free range nests

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    Oct 31, 2008
    We are getting 3-5 eggs a day from 11 hens. Because we know who lays what color, there is reason to believe SOME of the gals are hiding nests. We did find one under the henhouse a week ago with 14 eggs. That explained why I had found 1 egg from our broody and no subsequent ones. We think she has now moved it again:( We've checked the obvious places. ( yes we have golf balls in the nests and they have previously laid in the nests.)
    Where are the places that you all found nests? Come on, give me more ideas on places to look ...and entertainment too!
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    I have found that you can never tell where they will lay....I've found eggs just about anywhere! But, for the more obvious places, I always look at cubby holes, on the top of hay bales, dark nooks, private hidey-holes. I placed chicken wire around the base of my coop and in between my buildings to prevent access to areas that I cannot reach.

    I also left some of their nests intact so they will have an outside nest or two that is out of reach of my dogs, who shamelessly rob the nests.

    I have found that, if I leave them a few outside "hidden" nests, they will use these instead of sneaking off to places I cannot find. Then I just collect my eggs from their preferred nests.

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