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I have an almost two-year-old Isa Brown Hen who began having a smelly whitish yuck below her vent about a month ago. When I posted this I was directed to believe it was vent gleet and you wonderful folks directed me to articles and treatments. I believe I have done what was recommended and the problem persists: Below is what Ihave done and what is still occuring:
1. I began immediately giving her yogurt in a food mash 2 times per day. I also added ACV back in to the water for all birds. I brought her inside daily to wipe her bottom and clear the stinky stuff away as it was caking up with snow and litter dust.
2. After about 10 days and after doing more research I actually brought her inside to stay as some had mentioned that the stress of the flock may contribute to the problem. So she is inside in her own cage with lots of room, very clean conditions, acv in the water, and yogurt now four times per day. I am using a plain, full fat, no sweetening or flavor yogurt. And I would wipe her bottom to keep it clean. I even used ACV mixed with water to wipe the area around the vent as I thought this may help as it does with diaper rash and female yeast issues.

Now, after almost two weeks inside, it may be better but is still not gone. It seems to be worse on the days she lays an egg which is about 5 days per week.

what should I do now?
Is itt possibly something else?
The longer she is inside the harder time I will have getting her back into the flock.
Is there another supplement I can use?
Should I be considering another condition?

Your input would be much appreciated. We love having a chicken inside, but she does make a mess with dust baths and her smell is not very pleasant with this problem. I would like to get her back into the flock sooner than later so there may be fewer problems as she is the fussiest one toward her "sisters" and the sweetest to us humans. I think she believes she is a person.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

Did you try spraying her tush with iodine? Go to any drugstore. Purchase provodone iodine and a spray bottle. Put 1/4 cup iodine in bottle and 1/4 cup provodone iodine. Clean her tush gently and dry gently. Give her 1 quick spray on the area. More might sting. In the morning wash her gently again (baby shampoo) dry and spray twice.

Depending on quickly she is healing do this once a day or twice till gone and then continue to do it for 2 additional days.

An alternative is washing with baby shampoo, drying and applying an ointment for athletes foot.

Give her some Activia yogurt. Better probiotics.

******1/4 cup provodone iodine and 1/4 cup water********
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You said: "Put 1/4 cup iodine in bottle and 1/4 cup
provodone iodine. Clean her tush...?.

Do you mean two different kinds of iodine, or do you mean to put the provodone iodine and something else in the spray bottle?

I have not tried this, so I will give it a try once I know what to mix.
the yeast infection is on the inside and showing up on the outside so shouldn't something be used for the inside besides just the yogurt? maybe like a douche? with the iodine to wash out the vent real good?
so, I still do not have clarification whether I am supposed to use the provodone Iodine...which I now have. And, whether I am supposed to combine 1/4 cups of that with what???? Maybe water?

As for the kind of yogurt I have two points.
1. I forgot to mention that I am adding asodophilis capsule to every mash with the yogurt and food. So she is actually getting more pro-biotics than would just be in the yogurt and it is a good, lots of kinds of pro-biotic supplement.
2. I would be concerned about that sugar in the activia. Sugar feeds yeast and for that purpose it should be minimized in human digestive tracks and never used to treat female yeast. How ever myself, and all the pregnant moms I work with find that AcCV and plain yogurt plus probiotics do the trick every time. The only other thing I would do is add in garlic.

Is there any info on garlic and vent gleet, of course I would prefer that my eggs not be garlic flavored, but she is separated so I could prevent eating her egg if garlic would help. If you know how to use it, please share.

I have the baby shampoo and will use that tomorrow, but I would like to try the iodine thing if I can get clarification as to what to mix with it.

As for the douche idea, I also thought about that, another thing I would do for a female yeast issue. but, what to use, how much, using what as an instrument. I would hate to use too much pressure, I would hate to put something internal that is not definitely safe. It seems like things are complecated in there, ova ducts, fecal ducts, urine ducts, I am not sure you want a douche in all those places, but not sure you don't either.
here is something I found in the archives of BYC

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Re: Vent gleet
I've had good outcomes using iodine in a spray bottle. Go to just about any drugstore and purchase provodone iodine. The store should have it under there generic label. Put some into a spray bottle. It's best to start with a clean hind end. If you can't bathe her use some baby wipes or old rags dipped in warm water that has a little shampoo in it. Use a new rag dipped in the water and wipe her until clean. Then dry. Make sure you throw away the yucky rags.

After you dry her spray her behind with the iodine until she is a bit wet. Make sure you spray her vent and not just the feathers. Continue to spray once a day for 5 days. She might not need to be cleaned up again but you never know.

Good luck and let us know how it worked for you.
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Re: Vent gleet
Doesn't iodine sting?
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Re: Vent gleet
I have some Lugol's Solution 5% iodine that I take myself. I put one drop in a half pint of water with two cloves of garlic and I'm using it to douche my hen with several times a day. She stands in a dish pan quietly while I stick a syringe of the solution a little bit into her vent. I also put a drop in her drinking water but since she doesn't drink, she isn't getting much. She fights me when I try to stick her beak in the water.
Her vent looks much better but her poop is still a runny yellow with very few green clumps in it. Since she isn't eating either, I don't guess her stools will solidify any time soon? I'm still at a loss as to how to get her to eat. Anybody have any ideas?
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Okay, I am going with the plain provodone iodine as I have used that in a chicken surgery before and know it did not hurt her and we even poored some in her crop before sewing her up, so I may add the garlic to that and do the douche, also, but may wait a day or to for that.

Will your hen not eat anything. My gal seems to have been eating well. She loves the yogurt, pro-biotic, hot water and layer crumble mash I give her. She simply gobbles it up. I have occasionally added some cooked egg just because it is fun to spoil her. Have, you tried giving her egg, yogurt, and the crumbles warmed up with hot water like oatmeal. If she will eat that it would be good.

My bird has not had any pooh issues and she has continued to lay eggs. But, man, this odor is disgusting and I feel bad for her bottom The skin feels tight and chapped under the feathers and the feathers clump together and then get the litter dust in them. . She will let me hold her bottom over the sink and wash her bottom with warm water. I just tuck her under my arm and hold her feet. She is such a good girl. The other day my son was cleaning out her cage and she got out and just came walking in the living room just like she belonged. She walked over to my daughter who reached down to stroke her and she jumped up in her lap like a dog would. Way too funny.

I would try douching with a garlic tea (about 8 minced cloves per gallon) as well as providing it for her to drink. Continue with your probiotic regimen. Sage tea is also very effective for this condition. I would put her tush in a bath of this completely for ease and convenience for you or you can douche gently with a turkey baster.

When I quarantine I always add a "quarantine buddy" from the flock since chickens are social and isolation can contribute to stress and aggravate a health issue.
If you don't want to use provodone iodine you can use Gentian violet. It is an old time treatment for thrush. The infection your hen has. It can be purchased at the pharmacy for a couple of bucks over the counter. Try to give her a drop per day, orally for 5 days and see if it clears up. Thrush usually grows from the mouth through the digestive system to the hind end. Make a spray of equal amounts of Gentian viotet and water and spray her butt also.

Try adding a drop to a few drops of water and use the dropper to give her the dose. Try to hide it in a small piece of food. Trick her by giving her bits of scrambled egg one piece at a time and toss in the piece with the gentian violet on it. Soak it into a cheerio maybe?

Her mouth will be blue and so will her droppings.

Regarding the provodone iodine mix one drop with a dropper full of water and feed it to her. You can also hide it in food and see if she can be tricked into eating it. This way she is treated from one end to the other.
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