Needing some construction material advice


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Apr 6, 2014
South Carolina
Hi all. I'm working on building my chicken coop and run, and I'm trying to decide on a wire to use for the run. I've been looking at various poultry netting and welded wire, but I can't decide which to use. I've read that poultry netting isn't strong enough to withstand predators, but I've also read welded wire with too large mesh isn't good either. I have raccoons, possums, and coyotes in my area. Whatever material I use, I am planning to bury it one foot deep around the entire coop and run. Thanks in advance for your tips and advice.
What you are looking for is the 1/2 inch welded hardware cloth. It keeps everything out! Well not bugs, but you get the picture. Snakes, mice, raccoons, sparrows, possums ect....

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