Neewbee coop.. What do you think? Advice?


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Feb 18, 2011
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Here is my new coop.

It's mostly much finished. I have 24"x1/2" hardware cloth I am going to run up the bottom of the outer wall to keep raccoons from reaching in. It currently has chicken wire and porch screen to stop mosquitos. We ill be painting the plywood and adding 1'x2' trim over the screen seems.

It is 10'x5' at the base and the coop is a little over 4'x4' & it has 3 nesting boxes. It will be housing 6 hens soon. Will it fit more? Any improvement suggestions?
There is now coop door but I will be adding one soon. Does anyone have simple or even fancy coop door plans?

Any feedback would be great..

I am a neewbee also for sure and still building my coop but from everything I have read that size of coop is for 4 hens and the run would be for 5 from what others are saying. But any ways it looks good any pictures of the inside of the coop.
Well the rule of thumb is 4 sq ft of coop space per hen and 10 sq ft of run space per hen. 4x4 would fit 4 hens. What kind of weather do you have in your area? 4 heavy breeds would be a max for the 4x4 coop.

Great design! It's perfect for a backyard setting.

Keep an eye on the chicken wire. It's really designed to keep chickens in, rather than keep predators out. Unfortunately, a determined predator would be able to rip through it pretty easily. Consider reinforcing with some hardware cloth if you can.

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