Neigborhood Chickens


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8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
Just getting to know these chickens.They live in the neighborhood, apparently on their own. They roam around, cross the road, roost in a set of trees just above this photo. Breed? Sex?
Well if they are all boys, how much success would I have if I tried to integrate them into an existing, mature flock of hens: 5 Jersey Giants and 1 odd-ball (see my avatar)? Maybe introduce 1 and find other homes for the other 2?
since they have been together they might be fine. A little dominance fight here and there but that might be all, or it wont work at all. and your odd ball hen is a golden laced polish
Your oddball is a beautiful golden-laced polish! For 6 hens, I'd definitely recommend no more than one rooster. Maybe someone on Craigslist will want the other two? They sure are gorgeous boys
Oh, the reason for my concern is that the trees that they roost in is on property "For Sale". I was going to contact the Real Estate agent and see what's up. If they are seen as a problem like devaluing the property or the new owners don't want them, I was going to do something. Otherwise, they seem to be a fixture in the neighborhood and fend for themselves quite nicely.

What's totally fun is to take a look at the property using Google Maps. The address is 4873 Eldred St. LA 90042. Punch it up on Google Maps and take a look. I was hoping the camera shots showed the boys roosting in the trees or hanging out, but alas they ar not in view.

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