Neighbors are against my chickens! Help!

Erica H

6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
My eggs have literally just gone into the incubator, and now my neighbors are telling me its against county code to keep them. I've searched the BYC database and my local code is not there. How do I find it? It seems to be eluding me....maybe not the correct search words. I live in Long county Georgia...specifically Ludowici. It's a very rural county and I'm not technically within city limits.
i have never heard of an entire county banning such thing unless the entire county is all "city".

I tried to google you county and i found the biudling codes, and it only show where you have have poltery farms according to the zoning and such.

you will have to go down to you counties court house or where ever the laws/codes/regulations, and look at them yourself, and i would make copy's of it too.

how far is your neighbor away? are you in a sub division? or subdivision just says no pig farms or are scale commercial poultry farms
There will be written codes and ordinances, if such exist. Don't rely upon interpretation or opinions. Also, if you live in a subdivision that has a HOA, the restrictions apply above and beyond any city or county restrictions.

I agree, it's best to call the city/town and ask and if it turns out that you can keep hens maybe you should get it in writing and send a copy to your neighbors.

And remember that the laws might vary from one part of a town to another. In my town we can only have five hens on the east side of the river but on the west side you can have as many hens as you want and even roosters. I live on the southern most edge of town, there are cows grazing less that 1/4 mile away but the 5 hens law still applies.
You can also ask the neighbor to produce the codes. They probably can't and therefore don't have a leg to stand on. Long County is pretty much rural. The city of Ludowici is about the only place that would have that kind of ordinance.
I agree going to whatever office deals with planning/ building ordinances or code enforcement is the only way to find a true answer for the exact area you live in. They should have something in writing or online for you to refer to.
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