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Jun 11, 2009
okay so our coop, which i will download some pictures looks like a childs play house. its got trim work, and was built by my fathers hands! its about 5x5 in and about 7 feet tall with a seperate nesting box on the side.
the roof is on a tilt and has real shingles. the whole idear of doing this coop was to make it appealing to the eyes etc.
where i live is a hoooty tooty neightborhood, however we have about 1 acre of land and where i wanted the chicken coop to be, well you can view it from the street.
there will also be a large run, which we are in the process of building.
now with that said, i called my town in live in and checked to be sure i did not need a permit. and i dont.
my husband was outside tonight (i am at work) and the neighbor directly across from our house said "what are you building?" my husband replied "a chicken coop"
the neighbor who is all trying to sell his house for a bout a year now, replied "it looks like hell" my husband replied "what do you care your moving".
well that make me feel like crap. it looks so pretty when i can i will show you all the photos. its green with white trim, very pretty and theres even a real door and a flower box underneath the window.
not why would some one who we actually never talk with at all, be so mean!
we live in a country setting where just down the street there is a large farm with lots of poulty animals. please help me on this one.
very sad someone would say that.


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I like it. You are still doing construction so it is going to look a little bit rough.

I would not give that neighbor another thought. They are leaving so who cares what they think!
You coop is fine. The run will also look fine when you finish it. Someone must have peed in your neighbor's Wheaties this morning
He is a frustrated person tryng to sell his house in a depressed economy. Every imperfection to his home is a worry.

I also think he may be a nasty person since you said you never talk. All he is thinking ohh poop there building a chicken coop (expecting of all the sterio types that go with it). Both will come out snotty (there is the possibility he is just a jeark too)

The only thing I can say is "well he's moving" perhaps someone who looks at his house will say what I did "I always wanted chickens".

BTW do you have a car you can put up on blocks for a week or so (you know to block the veiw)?
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