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Jul 19, 2011
Sunday my little Silkie pullet started to crow! We are allowed to have one Roo, but i'm not sure how my neighbors will react to him. Did you talk with your neighbors and let them know, or have any conflicts with them? If I could find him a good home I would, but I really don't want to. He is the sweetest little boy and of course my favorite! Any advice on dealing with neighbors would be appreciated! Thank you
I would be open and honest with the neighbors if you have a good relationship with them. Admittedly, you are allowed one roo but let them know you will do what you can to keep the peace. Coop placement/design adn landscaping may make it a non-issue. My dogs bark, alot, but I constantly check with the neighbors to make sure they are not bothered by the barking. They all say they can barely hear them and are not bothered at all.

Tell them that you need to know if the roosters crow is bothering them and that you are going to try to limit his crowing to reasonable hours. Maybe find out what they think are reasonable hours - not that you need to stick whith what they think is reasonable, some people have no concept of reasonable. My neighbor in WI worked nights, so she had fits if you had a cookout in the evening and made any noise at all after 4 pm.

Suggestions I have seen on this board: black-out the windows so he doesn't see the sun rise, insulate/sound-proof your coop, keep coop closed up until a reasonable hour, some have resorted to keeping the rooster in a crate in the garage at night.
We are allowed roosters here. Several people have them around here in the past. I have one neighbor who hates chickens period. She threatened my neighbor across the street and I that she will send her dog over to eat our chickens and she will also call the police if she hears the faintest rooster crowing coming from our houses. The neighbor across the street ended up with a rooster. He's a barred rock and his crow is not loud at all. We can only hear him if we are outside or if our windows are open. He only crows a couple times a day anyway. The next door neighbor doesn't like it, but she hasn't called the police on them.

Honestly, I'd much rather hear a rooster crow then a hen complain any day. I love her barred rock and I hope she keeps him. Hubby won't let me get a rooster either. He doesn't want to upset the neighbors. Luckily, our houses are spread farther apart.
Well, our problems wasn't just our roo's crowing, all the chickens liked to go over to the neighbors and eat up their flowers!!!! :) We did get rid of our roo's though, the crowing annoyed us!
We talked with 3 of our 4 neighbors prior to getting chickens and none of them cared. One of them asked why in the world we didn't have a rooster.
The 4th neighbor is an idiot whom we care not if we bother, so moot point there (and they're drunk off their asses 23.5 hours a day and probably have no clue anyway).

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