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I just joined BYC and looking forward to sharing my story about the 3 little hens we found and decided to adopt. There currently living in my vegetable garden. I out a old dog house in there with perchs up high. Now its been over a month. They are getting bigger so I think its time to build a coop for the girls. Btw they are all barred rock hens. The one was super nice and would sit on my arm but now that there bigger they dont now. Im open to all kinds of info if anyone has any good or bad id like to hear from you. I wanna start this coop soon. Also I live in Lititz Pa we get both extremes in temp here. Thanks for listening.
this is a pic from when I first brought them home.
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Well I must say you are lucky they are all hens. In my experience I've found barred rock roosters are mean, but that could be an isolated incident. Anyways about the coop. I would say make it a little bigger than you need for the three chickens and barred rocks are a very hardy breed and usually good egg layers so you lucked out x3. If you go to forums, raising BackYard Chickens, and then coop designs you should find some pretty good ideas for making a coop.
Thanks ill check it out. About the barred rooster. I wanted to get a rooster does it have to be barred rock or can I get anything I want?
Chickens don't discriminate when it comes to love. lol You can get anything you want, and I had a run in with a couple of barred roosters that were mean, but that doesn't mean all of them are. Some people on here have had really nice barred rock roosters.
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Have a look at the Coops section and also here:

You'll find lots of tips and ideas there. Build the coop bigger than needed, so you have space for when you decide to add to the flock. You probably will at some point
I can't give you an opinion on BR roosters, as I've never had one, but do visit the BR thread and ask what their owners think:

Enjoy the site!
you should allow for 4 sq.feet per bird inside the coop and 10 sq.feet per bird in the outdoor run. It's best to add to that space because chicken addiction hits hard and fast - otherwise you will be building a second coop, etc.

If you go to 'where am I, where are you," in the social forum - locate and post on your state thread. You could ask about handling the climate range of your area, etc.

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