Nerve damage in neck?

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    Daisy is 30 weeks old. When I closed the coop tonight she fell from the roost. She couldn't seem to get her neck straight. I brought her inside. She got her neck straight and was drinking and eating. I gave her backside an inspection. There was a rock frozen onto her backside feathers.
    Got it off and again, she seemed fine.
    Now she can't get her neck straight again. And began to walk backwards. ????


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    Sounds like possible "wry neck" and walking backwards or walking in circles that is seen on BYC quite frequently. Especially with silkies, although your little Daisy isn't a silkie.

    Things like that can be from injury, vitamin deficiency, or infection (brain swelling).

    So I would, if Daisy were my chicken, start by giving vitamins, and give her rest by herself as you have. You can offer scrambled eggs as they are good for chickens too if you wish. I once had one get wry neck from an injury and it went away within one week- maybe 2-3 days.

    They do sell poultry vitamins in the feed store, and others on BYC have tried Poly vi sol without iron.

    You can also read the "Let's talk wry neck" thread:

    If it is as a result of an infection, you may find some more info by looking down at the bottom at diagnosis charts (twisted neck)- there is more than one chart to check:

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