Nervous Silkies? Help!

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    Jan 1, 2009
    The guy at the feedstore advised me to not handle the chicks much because it would stress them... so I didn't. Now I'm wondering if I should have handled them way more than I did because they don't like being picked up. I can make them sit on my lap for a few moments, and I try all different things to calm them... they like to eat out of my hands, but that's really it... they yell EEP! EEP! EEP! when I approach...They're 2 month old Silkies, raised in my house. Is this normal? Was I expecting way more cuddleability than I should have? Everyone talks about how their Silkies sit on their laps while they watch tv... and mine run away screaming! [​IMG]
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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I Hold my babies from the moment they hatch! I can walk around all day with a baby in my arms!

    I do not listen to Feed store workers, because about 90% of the time they have no clue how to raise chicks! Or even know the proper breed of chick they are selling!

    The main thing you need to know is not to squeeze a baby too hard or hold them upside down (mainly for kids to know). And give them a break from all that loving so they can eat and drink something.

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    My first two silkies were handled as babies and would still screech and run away when I went out to the coop. They settled waaaayyyyy down once they started laying. Now they will sit in my lap if I pick them up and put them there.
    The current lot (5 week olds) have been in the house from the very beginning. Of the 7, four will let me hold them and in fact will fall asleep in my hand when I rub their heads. The other three chirp like crazy the whole time I'm loving on them.

    I think it comes down the the individual chicken.
  4. Silkiefan

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    Jan 1, 2009
    thanks guys! I just realized that I'd posted this same question last month... and then forgot to check the next day for answers... still, I appreciate more info. (by the way, they sleep in a dog cage next to my bed, so I talk to them while they fall asleep and they talk to me in the morning)
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    Jul 29, 2008
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    I cuddle all my babies from the time they are hatched and even when they are huge roo's..LOL..I have a roo named petie who dislikes being held even though I have held him since I got him. So not all like to be cuddled and held. He holds grudges aganist me..LOL

    I was also told you could kill baby chicks by handling them too much. So far I have found that to be False..I hold my babies ALOT.

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