Nest box bedding

Jack Sparrow

May 13, 2009
Mathis, Texas
I have been using shredded paper for my nest box bedding and the girls don't mind at all. I take all my bills and inserts and put them in a paper shredder that cuts both ways so the pieces are about 2 inches x 1/4" and when I have a bag full, I change the bedding in the nest boxes.

Just thought I'd pass along something to do with all the paper we all get in the mail.

I don't compost but I imagine the small pieces of paper would work in the compost bin.


9 Years
Jun 23, 2010
I buy bales of straw at the feed store, to use in the nest box and as bedding in the run. Costs about $7 for a 60 pound bale.The only down side is that it is messy and hard to store for my small run (5' x 10'). A bale will last about 3 to 4 months, unless we get a lot of rain.

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