Nest box help please.

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    I currently have my nest boxes inside my coop. This summer I plan on a) expanding my coop or b) changing to nest boxes that hang on the outside. I just want a little more floor space for my birds.

    My biggest issue is my DH is going to be doing the building. When he and his dad built my coop last summer I kept telling them what I wanted, how I wanted it done. But, no matter what I said they did it the way they wanted then I had to have DH "fix" things. So I'm now looking for a plan for him to build my new outside boxes. I would like somehow to be able to explain to him how to deal with some of the issues. How to build it, attach it, how to prevent water leakage into nest/coop and draft. I'm not a builder and am terrified of saws (I tend to cut myself with knives, I'm sure I'd cut off a limb if I tried a power saw! LOL)

    Does anyone have a plan or step-by-step pics I could share with him? I have shown him pics of outside boxes but and some being built but, I'd love more "detail" on the construction process.
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