Nest Box Messed up and Disorderly

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    I posted a few days ago about finding shell pieces after a vacation. I have been home for 5 days, and all has been well in the coop.
    I went back to work today, so the chickens were home without adult supervision (me collecting eggs every 2 hours) and.... When I got home there were 2 (out of 12) next boxes totally messed. Not messy as in poop, messy as in, rifled through, scratched, all the bedding was standing on end (straw). When I dug I found a 3 eggs underneath the mess. No sign of eggs eaten, but thats what I am thinking. I saw the rooster going in a nest box a few days ago, there weren't any eggs of course, me being on egg patrol. Anyone have any experience like this? Do roosters eat eggs? Are they curious?
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    I know after my hens lay, sometimes they will go back and forth into the nest. Checking things out. Move the eggs around. Sometimes an egg or two will get "kicked" out of the box. That usually happens if I don't get out there within a few hours of when they lay. If you suspect one of them eating eggs, look close to their beaks/faces for yolk. If they are, you should be seeing some evidence of eggs in the coop or nest box.

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