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    May 18, 2009
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    Today I was in the coop and my Black Sex Link pullet, Bob, was in the nest box thinking about laying. Those sex links sit for a long time before they actually come up with an egg. Anyway, one of my Golden Comets jumped up and was on the board walk in front of the occupied nest box, and Bob let out a noise like I had never heard from a chicken before. It sounded like a cat with its tail caught in the door. [​IMG] Apparently he knew what the Comet was up to.

    The golden comet explored the other nest boxes, then came back to the occupied one, which seemed to be the only one suitable to lay her egg in. She squeesed into the box with Bob and at first kept her head in the corner, probably to avoid Bob's stern peck. Bob grumbled and acomplained. The Comet kept adjusting her position until she was face to face with Bob, and she was making that purring noise. Finally, Bob had enough and she left the box. The Comet settled down and laid a nice egg, left the box, and Bob jumped back in to take care of business.

    Silly chickens! [​IMG]
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    so funny [​IMG]

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