Nest Box Size?

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8 Years
Dec 7, 2011
I've read somewhere the "idea" nesting box size according to hens that have been interviewed is 15" x 15" opening, but how far in depth to the back of the box? Thanks in advance for your responses!!
Ours are about 14 inches in depth. We made a couple of different sized holes and each chicken has a favorite. Interestingly, no one has EVER used the top left box.

I have everything from large large fowl to banty.


Renee' :

I have a nest "bed", it's 24 inches deep and 7 1/2 feet long (the length of the coop).

So you don't have dividers in there separating it into many beds - just one long bed??​
i have one community box as well, and the girls all lay in it. 3 girls lay in one corner, and one girl lays in the opposite. its roughly a foot deep and tall, and 4foot long
I use a simple 2' x 4' box divided into eight sections. Works fine for leghorns, black copper marans, cuckoo marans, production reds and easter eggers. I also don't care if they sleep on top, which is why it is flat.

We have 3 chicken houses, and all have different boxes.

Our big house has 4 14x14x14 boxes with doors that open into the"man room" for easy egg collection. These are the best in my opinion.

Our little house has a black garden center planter about 16" accross turned on it's side. It works well.

Our other house has two communal boxes with collection door facing - yes, you guessed - the man area. The chickens in this house all get along well and 4 or 5 will sometimes be in one box! I think this is ok, but they seem to like to go broody in that house a lot.

Another thought, something to keep in mind: our cohins and silkies do not roost, they like "ground nesting", so if you have non-roosting birds, be sure to give them something to lay in on the floor.
I use 5 gal buckets laying on the side for my Silkies. I plan to build a frame to set them in them soon but leave them on the floor. They also like to use those rubber feed bowls the shallow ones.

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