nest boxes


6 Years
Feb 28, 2013
Does every chicken need its own nest box? new to this just looking for info , I have 6 chics and I think my coop is already too small, have a 10 x 10 pen so there is enough room to move , just not sure about the boxes have 3 now , chics are 2 weeks old
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It is some like 5 hens to each nest box...I have 3 nest boxes and 7 hens, but some of the smaller hens like to build little nests in the corners and everyone decides to use that spy that's funny. Or I'll find one egg in a nest box and 6 eggs in one of the floor nests...had a hen climb to the top of a stack of hay bales and hollow out a nesting spot... Just looked like a chicken head sticking out of the bale til I realized what was going on...
I need some advice on nest boxes. For a while I had a pet taxi in coop. Finally I got the lumber and build boxes for the girls and removed the pet taxi thing. Now my girls lay the eggs any and everywhere but not the boxes. Any suggestions

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