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    so i got this nest box at tractor supply and im not sure where to put it, when we built the coop we put a nest box on the side but they sleep there now and i dont want to stop them from sleeping there so thats why i got a new one, my question is, does the nest box have to be connected to the coop or can i put it somewhere else, like up on our deck thats covered, because they are up there alot and like to take there afternoon naps there. or can i put it in the run on the ground? does it have to be up off the ground?

  2. How old are your chickens? Are they laying yet? Most people try to discourage young chickens from sleeping in the nest boxes, and some even close them up to be inaccessible until the pullets start to lay. Best plan is to have nest boxes within the coop that are only used for egg laying with a roost higher than the nest box for sleeping. they usually will roost in the highest place. Nest boxes don't have to be high - depends on your coop set-up. I have bantams and the boxes are only a few inches off the floor. newly laying pullets should be encouraged to use the boxes for laying by using golf balls or fake eggs in the box(es).That keeps the eggs from breaking, keeps them cleaner and you know where your eggs are. Also, less apt to attract predators that eat eggs. Hens frequently like to find their own nesting places - search "hidden nest" and there are some crazy places that hens can hide or squeeze into. If you had a box on your deck, that would seem to encourage them to lay somewhere outside the coop. Not optimal to have to search around for your eggs.

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