nest in a box of nails


11 Years
Apr 28, 2008
Asheboro, NC
A few weeks ago I turned a few bantams loose in the yard to roam. They roost on top of my waterstove.
I generally find their eggs in a cardboard box under the wood shed. Not this time. I have looked and looked and looked for their nest.

Well, last night I found it. One of the hens was sitting in a box of nails that I have on top of my stove. She just wallowed out a nest in the nails and laid her eggs. Now she is sitting.

Should I try to move her? Do you think she will hatch these eggs using a box of nails for a nest?

That's one tough chicken! Your chicks are going to hatch with spiked collars on.

As long as she's in a predator-proof area- I'd give her a new box with some really nice fresh hay- and put it in the same spot. Maybe do the night time switcharoo. I just did this with a dirty nest during the day and my hen is still setting.

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