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6 Years
May 23, 2013
Vacation Land; Maine
I started with two 12x12x14 nest boxes in my coop. I have 8 hens with only 5 currently laying. All 5 have been insisting on using the box on the right. This results in long hostile lines or two squeezing in at the same time. I decided to remove the divider, thinking at least two (maybe even three) can squeeze more comfortably and the left side won't have such a stigma. Well, now they only use the left side, but they still stand in a line complaining. My other three should be laying any day now. Does anyone have ideas on how I can encourage sharing (I tried adding two sets of golf balls but they roll them into one set)? Is is even something I should be worrying about/trying to fix?
I don't think that you have much to worry about. Regardless of how many boxes that you have, one or two will be a favorite box and sometimes it changes. One box per about 4 layers is generally the rule of thumb but you can make a portable box to set in the coop if a few hens sit and hog the main boxes.

I have 8 laying hens with three nesting boxes. Most of the time they lay in the same box. I think it's a chicken thing.


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