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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bayyjayy, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. bayyjayy

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    Jul 5, 2011
    I have two pet taxi's that I have taken apart and made four nesting boxes with. Should I put them back together so that when my girls start laying and I let them keep the eggs (IF I let them) they will feel more secure?

    Right now I have all of them side by side, no privacy whatsoever. Lately I have been reading on here how they like to have a bit of privacy when they are laying and that when they have eggs they will feel more secure.

    Am I going about this wrong?

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    I agree with the privacy. If it were me, I would put them back together to give them a feeling of security.
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    Quote:2X [​IMG]
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    Mine will lay in corners of the pen if not in the laying boxes themselves. They do like a slightly darkened area which a heap of fresh bedding to make a nest in.

    If you put them back together- and the ducks lay and sit in them- it makes for an easy way to move them to a safe area away from the flock when the eggs are due to hatch - just close up the door and move the whole thing- mum can stay sitting tight on the eggs with minimum disturbance.

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    My Mallards dig a hole in the dirt (and sand in the house). If hay is nearby, they line it. The outdoor nests are: behind a door leaning against the house and by the bamboo covered areas I made for them (by the duck pool).

    I have a wire milk crate in the house they made a nest behind.

    I think as long as their is a mound of hay, a plant, or even fake plant, that is enough cover for Mallards.

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