Nesting box colours


May 6, 2020
Ontario, Canada
We are still working on our coop. Seems to be taking forever! :hmm I am planning on painting the nesting boxes today before they get attached to the coop. We have a ton of partial cans of paint from many projects over the years. I thought it would be fun to use up some of the paint and make each box a different colour. It will be interesting to see if the hens (when I get some) will have any preferences. 🤔😊
Yes. Definitely will post pictures when it is done. Not having much luck at the moment. Half the colours I was hoping to use were dried up. I was shaking one can before opening to determine the colour and the handle gave away from the side of the can creating a big hole and spraying paint everywhere! 🥵 Turns out it was only white, but what a mess. Note to self: always change into painting clothes before doing anything with paint! 😳

I have a little can of red but I think it best to pass on the red as it would look too much like blood. 🤪😐 That leaves me with dark pink, light blue, deep turquoise, grey, or light green.
Not my thing... but CoolBeans!
Will be curious to see if the colors obviously affect nest choice.
Will there be a front lip(4-6" high) on nests?

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