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    Aug 31, 2007
    I have 5 nesting boxes for 10 chickens! One of the nesting boxes 2 of them are sleeping in and only using it to sleep in! Is this normal and should I let them be! Or should I be doing something to stop them for using it for sleeping! It doesn't bother me, but I not sure if I should be letting them do that!

    Also, should I install a light in the coop now that it will be getting darker at night?
    Is it true the more light the more they will produce eggs!

    One of my eggs that were recently laid was as small as an chocolate little easter egg! (Nestle ones that come out at Easter time) Is that normal...that was the only one that was like that..all my other eggs are good sizes..

    Please help! I just want to make sure I am doing everything right for them!

    I am having so much fun with them! When my husband mentioned he wanted chickens I was upset with him because we just move to NH and I didn't want to be the only one taking care of them, but everyone is enjoying them and everyone is pitching in!
    I can't believe I got so upset and told him I was moving back to MASS!
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    You really don't want them sleeping in the nests, believe me. Poop omelets are not good, LOL. I have fought a battle with one pullet and now it's finished, but I refused to allow her to sleep in a nestbox. I'd go after dark and pull her out and put her on the roost when she couldn't see to get back off, LOL. Now, she's fine.
    To produce eggs, they need about 14 hours of daylight, however, years of artificially pushing them to lay at full speed thru the winter can lead to reproductive cancer. Yes, now would be the time. The hours of current daylight can be found on weather forecast sites easily if you want to go that route.
    Glad you're enjoying your chickens! I love mine, too.
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    What kind of chickens do you have and where abouts in NH are you?

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