nesting boxes for silkies

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Jan 31, 2009
Can anyone send pictures of nesting boxes you have for your silkies or tell me what you have.I have three silkies one is a rooster and the other two are hens.We just got them and they need something to nest in at night,I know they don`t roost so would the box have to be at grond level?My dh was going to build one that would house all three and I said that is not a good idea because the hens will go broody and that would not work.What is the size of a silkie box?Thanks for any info you can share with me.
Bumping - hope you get an answer!
i use 'Tidy Cat' litter containers, the one's that the litter come's in, cut the larger part of the lid off and presto nest box, my silkies love it, if you don't know anyone with a cat use craigslist got 10 of them that way.

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