Nesting boxes have been investigated! 19 weeks...

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8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
I think this is good news -- my nesting boxes have been invaded -- hay is everywhere! My three girls are 19 weeks old this weekend.
Hatched on Easter...
Oh yeah! Won't be long now!
Very exciting! My girls are 22 weeks, and only one of them is laying. But I have several that I have seen checking out the nest boxes, so I am patiently waiting. I know it won't be long now!
I've got 8 hens that I got as adults but my Silkies & Cochin babies I raised from tiny tweeters. It's going to be so exciting in a few months to get eggs from my babies! I hatched my Cochins from shipped Ebay eggs so they're ultra special, I just may have to preserve their 1st egg
My four girls, born/hatched May 1st, just turned 18 weeks old. No one has layed anything yet, but just this past week, somebody has (three times, now) kicked out of the nest boxes, the two golf balls I put there as inspiration. I put them back, they kick them out. I don't know if it's esthetic disapproval---(the golf balls are purple and hot pink....I work near a mini-golf), or if it is an intellectual disapproval---("we know that these things are can't fool us"), or if it is a physical disapproval, like the princess and the pea---(Ouch!). I'm also not sure how they are doing it. I say they "kicked" them out, but I didn't see them actually "kicking." I don't think it could be any other method, unless they are working cooperatively and nudging it out with their heads, like a little soccer ball. I wonder if they will think their own eggs don't belong there either, and kick them out too!


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