Nesting Height?

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10 Years
May 7, 2009
Whiting, VT
I have a quick question for all of you coop building experts out there. I have recently completed the building of my first Chicken coop and I have a couple of months before I have to have the nests installed. My question is, at what height should I install them? How high is too high, or how low is to low? Do I build a "roost/ramp" up to the nests, or do they just fly up on their own? Questions Questions Questions........... Some day I will be the expert like the rest of you Gurus, but until then I am begging for your wisdom!
What a beautiful young girl. My nests boxes are some 3 foot high to make them easy to keep clean. They have a landing board, 4 inches wide, along the front. My girls have not problem getting up to them.

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