Nesting?? Is this normal??


5 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
I noticed our youngest duck(7 months old) has begun to make a sort of nest right next to the chickens' nesting box. During the day I'll notice she stays there moving the bedding around. Is this normal for a young, non-laying duck?
Just asking as she still hasn't laid a egg yet at all.
If she does start laying, when should the eggs be taken to be incubated?? Is it the same as chicken eggs or can they be incubated right away after the first few lays??
Because for chickens, I heard you shouldn't incubate new layer pullet eggs so I'm wondering if it applies to ducks as well.
Our drake breeds her and our other one once a day so her eggs should be ready for hatching anytime.
Honestly I would wait until the spring. Let her get used to laying and work out all the kinks. Plus it’s way more natural to have a spring hatch - you won’t have to worry about the temperature as much

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