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    Aug 18, 2008
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    I had 3 hens, a delaware, barred rock, and a black austrolorp that we getting pretty broody. They all started laying in the top two nesting boxes. Now, they have moved to one box and basically fought over who was going to sit on the eggs. Two can fit in the box at one time. It was funny because they were stealing eaggs from under each other and stuffing them under themselves:lol:!! But, I think that Big Momma, our BR has won and all of the eggs are under her. Our BA seems to have dropped out and the Delaware seems content to be a nanny when Big Momma gets. ( She moves pretty quick when Big Momma comes back and puffs up, sqwakin at her). So, I might get lucky and get some chickies for my b-day!!


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    Congratulations! Sounds like no matter what, you've literally got the eggs covered!

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