Netherland Dwarf Genetic Colors Question

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    May 30, 2008
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    ok so a friend of mine has otters(all but blue) and she has siamese sables and siamese smoke pearls. i was wondering after looking through her colors book if it is plausible to get any martens out of a breeding. after looking over possible genetics i *think* she should be able to get a smoke pearl marten, i think its called and later breedings a siamese sable marten. and i was also wondering if they could get a silver marten out of the otters because there is at least one doe that i know of that has a silver marten in its pedigree.
    side note, i like and have a decent understanding of genetics, just want to kinda see if the theoretical has any weight on the actual...
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    Mar 27, 2009
    If one doe has Silver Marten way back in her pedigree, she may at times still produce a Silver Marten. That is one of the best things about Netherland Dwarfs, you never know what variety you will get seeing as so many other varieties go into making that one variety!
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    Quote:You can get Martin if there is Martin in the back ground.
    It would be an easier project though to take the one with matin in the back ground and breed it to another martin, there for shoring up the gene then you can breed it back into the otters.
    my personal choice would be to get a martin and breed it to the one with martin, then go with another martin giving me 2 seperate lines of the same basic variety.
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    there are so many possibilities of colors you can get but its pretty hard to get a color thats far back in the pedigree if it is the only one. Anyway... you could breed the black otter with either the siamese sable or the smoke pearl and the main three colors you could get would be black otters, black silver martens, and sable martens but it could vary depending on the pedigree. You could do this with any of the otters (not just black) and if you bred one of the dilutes(like a chocolate otter) with the shaded you may get a blue otter.

    I am not totally positive about genetics but i do have shadeds and a sable marten. I dont have any otters but the sable marten was from one of my litters from a siamese sable and a REW that had 1 sable marten in his lines if that helps. [​IMG]

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