Never had chicks b4 and could use some pointer


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
My family and I just got 7 chicks about 2 weeks ago. They are about 8 weeks old. We built a real nice coop and all but I don't have a clue on how to raise them, never owned chicks... We could use some helpful tips if anyone can give any... I believe we have 4 females and 3 males... We want to know what they like to eat besides small bird feed, why do they dig themselves into the dirt like they are in a bird bath, how to tell the differance in m/f, do we have 2 many males? simple questions i guess but just a few questions that I have on the top of my head... Thanks a bunch and I am glad to have found this site...
First of all go to the feed store and get them chicken feed. They will survive but not thrive on birdseed. At 8 weeks they could have grower feed.

They are dust bathing...gets fine dust on their skin, a natural way to get clean and helps keep mites, fleas, and tick off of them.

Go to home page here and read the sections on getting started and raising chicks.

Keep this forum handy so you can ask for help when you need it. When you do ask, give as much information as possible so members can be informed enough to give advise. I got a sick chick, what to do, is a very vague question we see here often. Include pics if possible. PPl here love to help but need to have info.

Almost forgot, Way too many roosters. You only need one for every 8 to 10 hens. More roosters than that will cause major fighting. You need to only have one roo. Hard to tell sex of most young chickens. You will probably be able to tell at about 4 months old.

O'Yea most importantly....WELCOME to chickens and BYC.

Don't sweat the small stuff and always know someone here usually has an answer. Relax and enjoy your new hobby(or addiction as we call it here).

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