Never had this happen, a little help please


9 Years
May 26, 2012
North GA
I had 10 eggs due to hatch on Thursday 4/24. 8 shipped eggs that made it to lockdown plus two of my own. (I do that as a test to determine if it's me or the eggs. If mine hatch, probably it was the incubator's fault if I get no hatch from the shipped eggs)

At lockdown everyone was kicking and have having a good time in their eggs. 6:00am on Thursday my two had pipped. My own eggs pipped right on time and zipped out after about 12 hours. Two of my shipped eggs hatched 12 hours later, and 36 hours after the two pipped,I got TWO MORE pips. Now, a full 48 hours later another chick has hatched.

There are still 4 eggs in that bator. How long would you wait until candling and or float testing etc? These eggs were collected over a 3 day period before being shipped and traveled about 3000 miles.

I'm wondering if I should leave them sit another day? I've candled past due eggs before and seen no movement, failed a float test and decided to pip it anyway and had them hatch so I will treat these as viable until eggtopsy reveals a dead chick. Question is how much longer would you wait?
The next day after my hatch I toss all the unhatched eggs, rinse the bator and reload. In my experience late hatchers are always weak and sickly and have a failure to thrive. There's not enough air & nutrients in the egg to last much past it's incubation time anyway. If I put the bator on hold for several days for a late egg that delays my next hatch and sale date, which delays my money.
They were dead in egg. Looked like they quit day 20.

Understand that I'm not selling birds this year and these eggs were enormously important to my breeding program. Had I tossed after 24 hours I would be shy two birds. I've never had them hatch so far apart before, had no idea they would. The two late arrivals seem to be doing quite well though and though losing four eggs is disappointing, I'm happy with the few that made it through.

Thanks for all of your feedback.
I understand completely. When I hatch only a few chickens for my own personal flock I'm a bit more lenient about it. You have to hatch a lot of eggs to get a few decent hens.
Last chicken hatch I had 0/28 eggs hatch. All were clears. That was a bummer. The hatch before that I had 10/21 hatch and looks like half are useless roosters.
I have no problem hatching and raising quail so I'm sticking with them for a while.
I have thought about trying quail when I get enough room or pheasants maybe. Only once before this have I ever not hatched 100%. I do my hatches a little differently than what I read from most people and so far it works well for me.

I hope your chicken luck changes! My cull roos and hens go to freezer camp so I never get too upset about a high rooster count. But it does stink if you are trying to establish a good sized flock.

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