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    Nov 30, 2007
    My chicks hatched yesterday and 1 barred rock was hatched out with its yolk sac still unabsorbed. it is still alive and trying to walk around in the incubator. then there are 2 rhode island reds that can't hold their heads up one's head is warped flat on one side it hatched like this and can't even lay on its belly it is on its side the other one is on its belly but cannot hold its head up, then there is a buff rock it was fine when put in the brooder now it keeps one leg out to the side. it can move it and everything and tries to walk but it is like its legs are spraddled. I gave poly vi sol to all 4 hoping it will help. but should I just cull them, and not make them suffer or work with them?
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    I had a chick hatch like that once, with the yolk sack still attached and not absorbed. You should cull it. Reason being is, the other chicks pecked at the yolk sack, it came open, got everywhere, on other eggs that hadn't hatched yet. My other eggs didn't hatch. I figured out that I had the humidity too high during incubation.

    Now I keep incubation humidity levels between 30-45%, letting it dry out to around 30% before adding more water daily. On day 18, I raise humidity to 60-65% and get great hatches now.

    Settings can be different depending on where you live, so talk to others in your area. My method works great for me, I have a 1588 Genesis and hatch in a LG still air.
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    I wouldn't cull the one with the egg yolk just yet but I would make sure the others can't get to it. I've read of many times on here when this happened and the chick lived. As for the one with the flat head, sounds like he may not be meant for this world. The other two I'd give a chance. Do you know how to deal with spraddle leg? What are you using on the floor of your brooder?
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    Nov 30, 2007
    right now I have all 4 of them in the brinsea incubator it has a bottom that looks like mesh in it but the one with spraddle leg was in the brooder box with an old towel in the bottom it is what I use and then hose out then wash and reuse. I have always used them . it was fine till we put it in there I think the other chicks might have stomped its leg I don't know, I will wait till tomorrow. if they are no better dh will cull
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    Do you know how to deal with spraddle leg?

    I don't know much about the others, but in reference to the spraddle leg - try this! It works if you do it right away - Don't wait! Ours couldn't walk yesterday, used the bandaid - she's walking like all the others, and she has only been wearing it about 14 hours. It will remain for a few days.
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    Nov 30, 2007
    Im gonna put one on in a few mins
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    Nov 30, 2007
    okay I dont have any bandaids can I use scotch tape?
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    The one with the yolk sac you could try giving it boiled egg whites mixed with vitamins and electrolytes and a little pinch of sugar. It has helped me save chicks and ducklings plenty of times. I had a chick that just didn't absorb it comppletely and it was just dried up sticking out of the belly.
    Good luck!

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