Never question a Beagles nose = possum


12 Years
Jan 23, 2008
My beagle was in the zone today when I was attending to the coop. THe door was open so everyone could go out for a while and even though she knows she isnt supposed to she kept going in and sniffing around. I was ok with it because the youngsters havent really become accustomed to her yet. So Im out sitting on my stump watching the activities when I hear that familiar "I found it!" beagle holler. I shooed her out and right in front of me walked a smallish possom and crawled into the wall. Some how a corner of the wall by the pop door became pulled away from the wall. I didnt want to step on it, I was stunned. We waited a while but it wouldnt come out. I dont think it will hurt the little ones as it is kind of small itself but geeesh. I guess I will have to find someone with a trap. I thought about just nailing it inside but, eewww.
well i decided I will seal that wall up again if hes still in there, well I guess I will know in a couple days. And Im borrowing a trap. She does right back there every time she goes out, Im hoping she gets it for me.

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