Never Saw So Many Tiny Eggs

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9 Years
Jan 31, 2011
SE Missouri
As of today, I have 4 out of 8 pullets laying. Two Black Sex Link, one Welsummer and one EE. The black sex link have been laying daily for about a week, the wellie 3 days and the EE started today. They are all the size of bantam eggs. Perfect little eggs, hard shells. I haven't cracked any yet but am assuming they are pretty normal inside, too.
Is it unusual for all the girls to be producing tiny eggs? for so long?
They are all eating, drinking and foraging appropriately. Is it something I am doing? Last time I had chickens, they were pretty normal size eggs from the start. I mean, they're cute and all, but....:barnie
Usually my large fowl girls lay medium-large eggs and my bantam girls lay very small to small eggs in the beginning. This year one of my girls was laying huge eggs from the start and very frequent double yolkers. I am not sure why you are getting so many tiny eggs. Mine might start out a little smaller than norm, but are soon making regular sized eggs for the breed.
Pullet eggs tend to be smaller. They slowly enlarge as the pullet matures. If they start out too large it can cause problems, so enjoy you little eggs for now knowing it's better on your birds.
Yep, my girl that lays big double yolkers worries me some. I prefer a chicken that doesn't lay huge eggs. I have had a couple of prolapsed hens and a prolapsed and egg bound parakeet. Each one perished.
Eggs tend to be small when hens first begin to lay. They usually grow larger as time passes and end up nice sized in the end. It does seem to take forever for them to grow bigger, I know. I have a couple of Olive Eggers that started laying almost 2 months ago. Their eggs are still too small for me to sell them! I'm trying to be patient, but can't help but wonder when they will get bigger!! I feel your pain!! :hugs
We like tiny eggs. Boiled 33 bantam eggs the other day. My daughter says the bantam deviled eggs are easier to eat.

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