New 1 Year Old Hen With Twisted Neck


9 Years
Feb 4, 2013
East TN
I brought home 3 hens and a rooster today from a reputable breeder who I have worked with before. I was at his place, all hens were great and active etc. We put the hens in the cage and the rooster in the front seat. When I got home and began to unload one of the hens was not moving, Her neck was twisted down and she was not in the least bit interested in checking out her new surroundings like the others.

I have seen what I think is wry neck in some of my chicks and this is like that. However, it cant be! She was fine 30 min before! I don't want to lose her. She keeps going to a corner and sticking her head in it and not moving. She is a one year old black orpington. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Sounds like wry neck to me, too, which is a symptom of a head injury, a disease such as Mareks or others, or a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin E with selenium and B vitamins are the treatment along with peace and quiet in an isolation crate. She may have gotten hurt in the transfer during the car ride, or may have just developed the symptom. Here is a link to a good site for help:
Thank you for that link. I am confused because she says not to breed any that have had wry neck. This hen was injured... If she recovers should I still not breed her? I understand I am asking for opinions here but explanations would be appreciated.

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