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    Nov 17, 2010
    I already have two 4-5 week old chicks. One Speckled Sussex and the other a Barred Rock.
    I was originally looking for Ameraucanas or Araucanas and I finally found them. I have four new additions to our home.
    three new Ameraucanas and one Black Sex Linked chicks.

    Tiger - the one that looks like she is flying. She got scared when the flash went off.
    Millie - the one with her end in the towel and bottom sticking out. She fell asleep like that.
    Sofie - the one that is sitting in the grass.
    Teeny - The black one. She is the tiniest of them all.

    This is their second day and they are doing very well. They are about 5-7 days old and extremely adorable.




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