New adventure on "Food Freedom" for wife and I!

damon and tasha

6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
We've finally settled on a used coop. Felt like we searched forever for the right one (at least we think) and now that we have it home, we're not sure how to best place it in our backyard! There are a lot of measures we're going to have to take to do this right and I just don't want to get this wrong. All help is appreciated! Looking forward to meeting some like-minded people in this community. We'll share more later when we make a little more progress. Take care.
if you go to "where am I, where are you," on the social forum you can locate and post on your state thread - you may find new friends in your area
Thanks guys, will do. Just trying to navigate my way around this new site... Will post some pics of backyard and coop soon. Thanks

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