New Again from the PNW


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
It has been so long since I was an active member of *any* forums that I figured it was time to start fresh. I am from Southern Oregon but now call SW Washington State home.

As I grew up, my Dad was an avid chicken fancier. We had many breeds, but I do think his favorites were his American Gamefowl.

I started my own flock just over 12 years ago. With memories of aggressive roosters I decided to keep only hens for eggs but went on to own a couple very nice large fowl roosters. Then changed gears! I now have a small handful of American Gamefowl X adult hens and have just added new chicks. Sumatras (from a reputable small breeder) and Red Jungle Fowl (from a hatchery but I have my eye on a local breeder's birds when he next offers them up for sale).

So it seems I am now following in my Dad's footsteps (minus the aggressive roosters - they are going to have to behave themselves!

Very much looking forward to getting back into the BYC group. Thank you for having me!

Photos to come after I join a photo hosting site again!
Greetings from Idaho! Seems the love of chickens is in your DNA.
Welcome to BYC, our poultry community, and back to the world of poultry keeping/raising. It never gets out of your blood.
Thank you for the welcome. I see there are photos in a number of places, I am going to have to do some looking around to find the right spot but here are just a couple pics of my new chicks:

Red Jungle Fowl, being raised by one of my hens.

Sumatras - I just picked these guys up yesterday. They are so beautiful!


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