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May 8, 2017
Hi everyone, I am new to the chicken world. I cant believe what I have been missing. I have 4 hens and they are so much fun. I have a little over 3 acres by the beach in San Diego and have a small coop and run from the last owner.
Well, my neighbor is now telling me his daughter and wife want the contest is on now.
I need to build a run first that will look good and will be functional. I found one on line in under chicken coops. its 10x8. So I am trying to build it correctly and good looking. I know the bottom has to be pressure treated but what about the other wood? do I cut the framing and stain or water proof it or just the wood to cover the 2x4s? also what kind of wood should I make it out of that isn't too expensive, I know, what is expensive? in the normal wood range from Home Depot.
I figure I will put it on pavers and sand the bottom.

but this would be first. I think it is big for just 4 girls but I like this look. I think I need to shorten the length and width 1 foot though. anyone see any issues with this so far? give me guidance all knowing group of chicken lovers!!!
thank you all in advance.

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