New babies and 2 questions

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  1. We just got our babies today...3 to start with 5 more coming. [​IMG]

    I can't get the temp warmer than 89/90 and don't have time to run out to get another heat lamp. Can I put a heating pad - on low, under a towel - under their brooder for tonight?

    Also, one them seem to be falling asleep while sitting up - like I used to nod off in Calculus class. She seems to fall asleep and then jerk awake. Is this how they sleep?

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    yep, the falling asleep thing is normal for new babies, as long as it is also sometimes getting up, walking around, eating, peeping, and pooping. If those things aren't going on, then something could be wrong. Otherwise... it's just hard work being a baby!

    As for the temp, I wouldn't worry about getting it warmer if they are acting comfortable... if they are cold, they will peep loudly in distress and huddle under the heat lamp. If they are hot, they will move away from it and pant. Be sure they can get to cooler parts for the brooder - they need a range of temperatures. If they are acting cold, you could maybe try the heating pad, but I would think it would be a scary risk of fire... unless you have one specifically for pets, like snakes, which won't get too hot and is meant to be turned on for long periods of time.

    In general, the way to make it warmer, though, is to just lower the brooder lamp. 90-95 DIRECTLY under the light for the first week is all they need. It can and should be cooler elsewhere in the brooder.
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    Feb 25, 2009
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    p.s. when they're little like that, they constantly fall asleep face-down and can look quite dead, but they should perk right back up when disturbed [​IMG]
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    I would run 2 small heat lamps as opposed to one big one if given the choice. It gives you a backup in case of a bulb burnout.

    Wait to see how the chicks do before assuming you are not getting it warm enough. Heat bulbs are infrared and do not always register their full heat value on a thermometer.

    I would just go get another heat lamp anyway if I were you. I'm thinking a 125 watt red bulb in a proper metal reflector with a ceramic socket.

    If you do use a heating pad, do NOT put it under the entire brooder. Give them somewhere cooler to run to if they get too warm. Chicks are good at finding their own happy place, so give them options.
  5. Quote:I'm glad you added that because one of them is doing that. It's a little freaky!

    Thanks for the reply on the temp. They're walking around and checking things out so I think they're ok. I have 4 human kids and I don't think I was this nervous when they were babies. [​IMG]

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