New babies!! What are they?


7 Years
Aug 25, 2012

Our chicks! One standard Buff Orpington (the big gold one, back left) and four bantams!
Does anyone know what breeds our bantams are? Thanks!!
I don't think any of them are silkies...not only do they have 5 toes, but they also have black skin/beaks and feathered legs. They also have "top hats" and appear fluffy headed.

Do you have any more information on your chicks? Feathered or clean legged? how many toes? Top hats?

To ME, the orange and the one in front of the standard are cochins of some type. The other two, I am not sure. The one in the back corner MAY be a porcelain(ours are a lighter gray color though, but it could be the camera/lighting/angle).

Half the fun is identifying the breeds you have, we have been having a blast trying to identify our babies!! Good luck and enjoy them, theyre cute no matter what they are!!
The spotted 1 in the front is a paint or mottled of some kind. Houdans come in mottled but have crests & 5 toes. Silkies come in paint but have feathered legs, black skin & 5 toes. Cochins come in both colors & have single combs & feathered legs. Face & leg pix of each chick would help with identification. Old English Games come in both colors & have single combs & clean legs.

The yellow & grey 1 in the middle (maybe a splash) appears to have feathered legs & round body which says cochin to me. The grey & yellow in the back corner has what appears to be porcelain coloring (can't tell for sure til feathers begin to come in well in a couple weeks) which comes in several breeds. I hesitate on the little red/buff baby because I can't see legs or face, but that is a very common cochin color as well.

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